We are excited to present our plans for the Stop Traffic Walk, and with the help of your valued contribution we are aiming to raise $1M, and bring about greater awareness of this cause. 

Meeting this goal is vitally important to bring about these beneficial results that will create a lasting impact and therefore we are asking for much-needed help.

Become a corporate sponsor: 

When you sponsor Stop Traffic Walk, you not only give back to the community that supports you, your company also receives excellent marketing and exposure to the community while enhancing company pride. Register ONLINE to sign up as a sponsor. 

Become a team captain: 

As a corporate team you can make a difference in the millions of lives of people who are victims of human trafficking.  A team captain is a liaison with the STW staff and responsible for passing along relevant information to team members.  The STW team will work with the team captain to create a fundraising and marketing plan that will ensure team success and fun!  Doing a team allows your employees to come together outside work for a fulfilled evening that supports a great cause. 

Become a retail partner: 

When you become a retail partner you can help create awareness by selling paper stop sign icons for a $1 donation. Give a dollar and save a dollar and round up to the nearest dollar, programs can all be used at your place of business. By participating you are able to give to a good cause and create awareness at no cost to your company.  The Walk team provides supporting materials needed.  We also work with you to create an appealing incentive structure to keep employees engaged. 

Become an in-kind sponsor:  

As an in-kind sponsor you can help provide materials for the evening of the event and items leading up to the event.  Food, printing, and media are just some of the ways your company can help Stop Traffic Walk. 

Make a donation: 

The tax-deductible funds donated by your company or organization will be invested in critical prevention and recovery efforts of human trafficking.   

Our Current Sponsors: